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Urok Muchy


Steruj myślami
Nastrój ducha
To nawet urok ma
Przelatująca Mucha

Brzękiem swoich skrzydeł
Przywołuje lato gorące
A w nim rozkoszy ciepło
I namiętności porywające

Już myślałem że ją znam
I że nie zaskoczy mnie niczym nowym
A ona jak w dojrzałej miłości
Obdarowuje mnie pięknem owym

Moja umiłowana
Niby zwyczajna jak sosna
Moimi oczami oglądana
Najpiękniejsza z pór- wiosna

Ciotce i Wujkowi
Mojej Żony

Miłość ,,nie”doskonała


Komu to oceniać
Komu dać wiarę
Jak to zrozumieć
Jaką przyjąć miarę

Czy to miłość nakazywała
 Rozliczać się z każdego papierosa
Czy to ona wszczynała spory
Nim ustąpiła poranna rosa

A jednak tęsknotę wywołała
Która żyć nie pozwoliła
I wszelkie namiętności
Życia codziennego zabiła

Na nic wszelkie pocieszenia
Dwa lata zezwoliła osobno być
Wysysając iskrę życia
I dłużej nie pozwoliła żyć

Dwa lata życie się broniło
Lecz tęsknota nie odpuściła
Tak długo duch był trawiony
Aż do śmierci go doprowadziła

In feite zijn er twee bladen in het Amerikaanse herbarium, n verzameld in 1979 (Mori dos Santos 11844), de andere in 1985 (Hatschbach Silva 50071). Beide bladen werden voorlopig gedentificeerd als Holoregmia viscida Nees door het Amerikaanse herbariumpersoneel Stephen F. Smith in 1991 en ingediend in de map met het herbarium voor die soort.

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moncler jas heren sale MoreTRAVEL TRENDS, WORLDWorld Oceans Day travel is the need of the hourWorld Oceans Day: uk moncler outlet Op een dag dat we onze oceanen vieren en werken om het te helpen vervuilingvrij te worden, laten we eens kijken naar verantwoord reizen. Meer over Times of India Travel.TRAVEL TRENDS, WORLDWensen Day Word genspireerd om te reizen zoals enkele van de meest krachtige vrouwen ter wereld! Internationale Vrouwendag is de reden om de maand maart te vieren: elk jaar wordt 8 maart gevierd over de hele wereld als een ode aan de vrouw: vrouwen hebben de beste moncler jassen veroverd en milesto bereikt moncler jas heren sale.

Collecting Music is Back

First we collected music objects, then we hoarded MP3s to the point moncler outlet jackets that many of our computers’ music collections became so huge andlabyrinthineas to become almost useless. Now that most active music fans play music from the cloud as much or more than we access our local libraries (remember iTunes?), we music fans have a big opportunity to collect music in a way that makes sense again. It’s too bad nobody’s letting us do that.We haven’t conducted a study about this, but we have a feeling most people who care about music listen to a diverse mix of sources includingYouTube, Rdio/Spotify/Rhapsody/MOG, streaming radio services, SoundCloud, Hype Machine, television, radio, live music, and the songs that arestuck in their heads.We don’t have an moncler jacket sale answer for that last one, but for everything else, can we please have a way to collect music again?The on demand music serviceRdiohas long been aware of the value of „collecting” digital music within a near infinite catalog of music, with a feature called „Add to my collection” that lets you store your favorite records from the millions and millions of songs in your profile. It works perfectly, if all you use is Rdio, which you don’t.(MORE: Why YouTube is Launching a Music Service)Spotify, which originally spurned the idea of a collection in favor of playlists, followed Rdio’s lead in thenew version it teased last December in Manhattan, some of which is now live. Any time you Star, buy, import, or add a song to a playlist, it goes into your Spotify Library.That’s great, but moncler factory outlet it doesn’t solve the problem of collecting from a fan perspective. Streaming radio services tend to include iTunes links, which made perfect sense ten years ago, and but doesn’t translate to today’s situation, in which all of our music is scattered all over the place. Here’s mySoundCloud collection. Here’s myRdio collection. Will the moncler outlet online twain moncler sale ever meet not to mention all the other apps and sites where I listen to music, of which there cheap moncler are too many to recall? What should replace those iTunes links as the „collect” button across the internet?I also have vinyl, CDs, and tapes. MOG lets metake pictures of those to importthem into my collection there, and if I bought them from Amazon, Jeff Bezos and pals willmake sureI have those in my Amazon MP3 account now I canplay them on my moncler outlet Sonoswithouta thing. To moncler outlet store listen to them, I have to remember that they are in my Amazon MP3 account.Oh, and of course sometimes I walk around in the real world, or moncler outlet sale watch television. In those cases, I typically use Shazam (seemy test of Shazam like apps) to identify the songs I like, and that app lets me share them via Twitter and Facebook or watch the YouTube video. I also watch television sometimes. I caught a great little dreampop tune on an episode of Yo Gabba Gabba that a diminutive relative was watching, by The Postmarks. I had to email myself the name of the band to „collect” it.(MORE: For a Musician with a Webcam, All the World a (Profitable) Stage)We hear music everywhere, but we can’t collect it in any real sense, which is annoying, because having a well manicured library of alphabetized music that you love rules, and almost nobody has been able to do that properly since the ’90s.Technology is a great friend to cheap moncler jackets sale the music fan, but a listening feast has translated to a collecting famine. Then there’sTomahawk, which lets people share moncler outlet uk music with each other and have it play on their services of choice. It even has aweb embeddable version, which cheap moncler coats we used to presentthe best music of 2012.These are all steps in the right direction, but maybe we need some sort of non profit start up, which every music service, site, and app would magically agree to implement, where our music could live or, rather, the metadata representing that music, which could be pulled from services using Rosetta Stone or something else so that you could apply it to whatever you’re using. No matter where you are on the cloud, in the real world, or on the couch watching television, you’d have a way to add that music to your collection. Add a song to your Rdio cheap moncler jackets collection? Like it on YouTube? Your collection would know. This probably is a good time to mention that we have50 free invites to that.Music fans today enjoy the best discovery tools moncler jackets outlet ever available, since the dawn of time. We also suffer from the poorest ability to collect all of that music in a way that makes any kind of sense.(MORE: Casino Revenues Are Up in 2012, Thanks in Part to Gambling in Kansas)As an example of the problem, I recently „hearted” a beautiful song, Popol Vuh’s „Morgengru II,” onjwmcglone’s This Is My Jam page. That action didn’t put it in my „collection,” because my collection is really a collection of collections, and they don’t talk to each other enough.In fact, I would have forgotten about this song completely, if I didn’t come across the draft for this article. We’re losing so much, every day, by not being able to collect music anymore.

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canada goose shop uk I know is that I didn shake his hand, he told reporter Jeff Lee in The Vancouver Sun. Refused to. Difficult to believe today, but even as recently as 2000, the ancestral home of the Haida was still being referred to as Queen Charlotte Islands. Here is the science: Modern, proper science and canada goose coats on sale research has found that some manuka honey contains an additional antibacterial property, over and above the hydrogen peroxide part. A team of researches and an industry association had developed a test for measuring this extra antibacterial property when it exists. They have called it the Unique Manuka Factor, and have a registered trademark UMF to indicate that honey which has been properly tested Canada Goose sale and proven to contain a level of non peroxide antibacterial ability canada goose shop uk.



Nawet nasza sprawiedliwość nie będąca na miarę czasu nie zapewnia nam Królestwa Niebieskiego


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canada goose discount uk Versicherungsgruppen und Versicherungskonglomerate. 2 Von der Aufsicht nach diesem Gesetz ausgenommen sind: a. Versicherungsunternehmen mit Sitz im Ausland, die in der Schweiz nur die Rckversicherung betreiben; b. buy canada goose jacket Brown caught 101 passes for nine touchdowns and a league leading 1,533 yards in 2017. It was his fifth straight season catching at least 100 passes, a streak two seasons longer than Larry Fitzgerald. It helps, of course, to have the ball thrown your way more canada goose black friday sale than 150 times in a season, but Canada Goose Jackets among the four wideouts with canada goose coats at least 150 targets in 2017, none average more yards per route run than Brown.. canada goose discount uk

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canada goose outlet website legit Unsurprisingly it’s this rationality which also leads her to be a doubter of religion and superstition. Throughout the series she can be seen repeatedly mocking and criticizing those less than rational beliefs of others.Ruth BuggsPlayed by Kristen Wiig in the 2011 film PaulIn the 2011 comedy film, Paul, Kristen Wiig plays an extreme tian fundamentalist who, after arguing with Paul and his cohorts (atheists Simon Pegg and Nick Frost) about evolution, has her faith shattered after Paul shares with her his vast knowledge of the universe which excludes all possibility of her tian teachings.After discovering that she is no longer bound by the strict rules of Canada Goose Coats On Sale her religion, Ruth becomes canada goose clearance sale elated at the idea of being allowed to swear, have sex, and live her life without worry of being damned to Hell.Ben CashPlayed by Viggo Mortenson in the 2016 film, Captain FantasticLiving out in the wilderness, away from society and its rules, Ben Cash and his family live life in their own unique way. One of those ways involves shedding away all of the silly holidays most people celebrate, such as tmas; opting, instead, to celebrate Noam Chomsky Day. canada goose outlet website legit

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Canada Goose Outlet canada goose outlet uk (Privacy Policy)Google DoubleClickGoogle provides ad serving technology and runs an ad network. (Privacy Policy)Index ExchangeThis is an ad network. canada goose coats on sale (Privacy Policy)SovrnThis is an ad network. Now, you may canada goose clearance sale want to excuse Pence on the grounds that he is Trump’s vice president and that his loyalty has to be beyond dispute. Certainly. But that loyalty has to be totally buy canada goose jacket synthetic, no deeper than Stalin’s henchmen toward the old Soviet dictator. canada goose outlet uk

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canada goose parka outlet uk So obviously the Packers and Falcons want to sign Rodgers and Ryan before Brees and Cousins set the market. It only gets more expensive for those franchises the longer this plays canadian goose jacket out. Rodgers has been criminally underpaid for a few years now. To make the system better, senior transplant surgeons and activists are pushing for an overhaul of rules regarding allotment. Secondly, they want the organ to be offered to recognised centers on a rotation basis. In Kerala, priority is given to a centre within the zone where the organ is harvested. canada goose parka outlet uk

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